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SHE Blockchainers Mentorship Programme

Our six-month mentoring program connects ambitious women to those who are more experienced and incredibly passionate about sharing their knowledge in the blockchain industry. No matter if you’re new to the blockchain industry, just about getting started with your blockchain career, or you’re feeling a bit lost – having a mentor is always a good idea. The program adopts multidisciplinary approach by bring participants from different industry background together to solve problem via blockchain technology. As a mentee, you will get face to face honest advice, valuable feedback and industry know-how you just cannot find on Google. Master the latest technical skills, learn about the industry trends and even kickstart your own blockchain project through collaboration. We’ve put together a panel of experienced leaders that are sure to help you skyrocket your career in blockchain industry.

Our Offers

Our mentoring programmes offer:

  • A structured approach with an official launch and close that’s fully supported to encourage participation and to promote the advancement of women leaders
  • Clear programme goals and outcomes
  • Role definition for mentors and the mentees
  • Encourage mentors and mentees to volunteer, and have a clear set of personal objectives and goals
  • A robust ‘chemistry fit’ matching process
  • Regular check-ins with all participants as to progress
  • Measuring the success of the overall programme

Program Objectives

  • Provide an integrated approach that supports and empowers the next generation of tech leaders in the blockchain industry
  • Establish a professional network and form deeper connections within the blockchain community
  • Facilitate knowledge and experience transfer between the younger and more experienced members of the female blockchain community
  • Mentors – become more practised at mentoring and developing others in a safe environment, while opening the door to leadership and developmental opportunities
  • Mentees – gain new perspectives and skills to advance your career and develop meaningful professional connections across all industries. Become equipped with the skills to attain the career in the blockchain industry they aspire to

Program Timeline

Date Event
January Official Announcement
May Application Due
June Speed Networking / Mentor-mentee Matching
July Program Launch
July - Nov 5 one-to-one mentoring session & Workshop
September Mid-point Check In
December Presentation/ Closing Ceremony

Mentor Criteria

Mentor roles are open to both female and male executives with:

  • Leadership role in the deep tech space
  • A desire to guide and motivate the next generation of leaders to achieve their career goals and aspirations
  • The business/industry knowledge and experience necessary to be able to discuss a wide range of topics and situations
  • Good mentoring skills
  • Be available for 5 x one-hour mentoring sessions with your Mentee

Mentee Criteria

Mentee roles are open to early-career/ undergraduate females with:

  • Less than 5 years working experience/current student at tertiary institution
  • The strong desire to proactively advance in your career and optimise your potential.
  • A strong commitment to achieving your goals, initiatives and aspirations
  • A willingness to accept feedback and to be honest about your positive and challenging attributes.
  • An open and inquiring mind and the flexibility to change.
  • The availability to participate fully in the programme from Jun to December 2020, and to join in all activities, including networking, and skill development sessions.
  • Time to manage and attend 5 one-hour mentoring sessions. Dates, times and location to be mutually agreed with the mentor